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Hibernating black bear peeking out from den

February 4th, 2019

During the coldest months of the year it is more than the weather that pushes the desire to hibernation into overdrive. Short days, dark and gloomy skies, and an overall feeling of exhaustion makes it difficult to muster up the strength to get out and about this time of year. While the pull to hibernate for the winter is strong, it is important to recognize the benefits of staying active during the season. If you don’t want to put on extra weight, if you want to keep your joints healthy, or if you simply don’t want to lose progress toward a fitness goal, here are a few ways to avoiding hibernation this winter. [..]

Grandmother serving healthy food to grandfather and grandkids

April 22th, 2019

Each year, millions of people suffer from back pain in some form or another. It can be debilitating to go through a daily routine with constant or sporadic discomfort, leading some to miss work, skip out on activities with friends and family, or accomplish other tasks. Back pain may even lead to disability claims if it isn’t addressed. While causes of back pain vary from one person to the next, there are steps you can take from a diet and nutrition perspective to improve the health of the spine over time. Here are some things to consider. [...]

Young asian woman suffering from tension headache

May 22nd, 2019

Headaches are a common issue among adults in the United States, with an estimated nine out of ten experiencing them from time to time. Having some form of pain from a headache may be a passing annoyance, or it could be a more frequent discomfort that leads to missing work or taking time away from social activities. The most common type of headache – a tension headache – is often treated with over-the-counter pain medication and rest, but there may be other steps you can take to reduce the occurrence of tension headaches over time.

First, though, it is important to understand why tension headaches happen.


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